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LearnUp reading techniques

Pressure Release

The Pressure Release Technique is one of the most powerful techniques used at LearnUp. It allows emerging readers to read outloud for extended periods of time without fatiguing. It is particularly helpful  for a child who has trouble transferring phonetic knowledge to reading. It measurably increases confidence in reading, as well as fluency.

Repeated Reading

This procedure develops sight vocabulary and fluency in reading. It should be done daily.

Beat the Clock

Fun and challenging fluency builder.

Consonant Sounds

How to teach the correct consonant sounds.

LearnUp reading starts

Download a pdf that outlines how we meet students where they are on the reading spectrum and move them to grade level reading.

LearnUp wants your child to learn to read and we are confident our approach will get them reading at grade level in a short period of time.

The pdf corresponds to LearnUp’s reading assessment which tells us which entry-level/start in our program is the best one for your child. Generally speaking, the lower the start, the more time it takes to get your child on track.

Keep in mind that starts are set by reading level, not by age.

Reading resources

Structured Literacy

Infographic of the components of a structured literacy program

National Reading Panel

Recommendations of the National Reading Panel (2000).